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The Holographic Excitation

Published December 22, 2014 by withnailsandi

Hi everyone.
With the festive season fast approaching I am drawn to everything sparkly. These 2 beauties arrived on my doorstep today and I needed to share them with you ASAP.

On the left is Sexy and I Snow It by Different Dimension (a US based indie seller) and it is from their recent winter 2014 collection. This polish is a beautiful pale gold holographic, perfect for New Year. It has a perfect formula, has full coverage on 2 coats and is absolutely stunning! It does dry slightly gritty so you’ll need a top coat if you prefer a very smooth finish.
The holographic in this polish is so bright, it even sparkles under low lighting. Below are swatches both with and without flash.


The second polish is from Fun Lacquer an indie company based in Singapore. It is called Royal Chapel and it comes in 2 variations- glitter or holographic. This one is the holographic. It is a gorgeous pinky bronze colour with a ton of holographic shimmer in it. It isn’t quite as chunky as the first polish and so doesn’t have as gritty a texture when dry, you’ll still need a topcoat though. This one is also slightly more sheer, especially on the first coat. It is 95% opaque with 2 coats which is good enough for me, but if you like total opacity you may want 3 coats.
Below are shots with and without flash to really show the holographic effect. For reference, all swatches are 2 coats.


I got both of these polishes from Rainbow Connection which is a UK based indie polish distributor. I have bought loads from this site and I would highly recommend them.


Santa Claws – OPI

Published December 20, 2014 by withnailsandi

My favourite festive polishes from my favourite brand – OPI.



Top Left – Coca Cola Red, Top Right – All I Want for Christmas is OPI, Bottom Right – Snow Globetrotter, Bottom Left – Gettin Miss Piggy With it


Top Left – Every Month is Oktoberfest, Top Right – Cute Little Vixen, Bottom Right – Goldeneye, Bottom Left – All Sparkly and Gold

I’m going to start with bottle shots but scroll down to see swatches where I have combined colours.

Coca-Cola Red is a bright cherry red creme that has an amazing formula. It is almost a one coat although there was still a very slight visible nail line. This looks great on its own, but provides a vibrant base for festive glitters.

All I Want for Christmas is OPI may have made my shortlist because of its name, but there is no denying that this is a beautiful dark red creme. I love dark colours in the winter and so I like to pair them with glitter around Christmas to add a bit of sparkle.

The bottom 2 polishes here are definitely toppers. You’d have a hard job getting these opaque. Both are very sparkly and add that extra something to your manicure. Snow Globetrotter has a mix of iridescent and matte white glitters that make it look like snow on your nails. Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It has mainly red micro-glitter but also has some larger silver hex glitters in there too.

Every Month is Oktoberfest is my favourite polish of all time. Ever. It has a gorgeous purple base with a ton of red shimmer in it. You need 2 coats to get it to full opacity but it is a real chameleon of a polish, looking different in different lights. Snow Globetrotter looks great layered over this polish.

Cute Little Vixen was a surprise favourite. It is a magenta based red with a beautiful gold shimmer running through it. It has an amazing formula too.

All Sparkly and Gold is an opaque gold micro-glitter. 2 thick or 3 thin coats needed for full opacity, but it is stunning.

Goldeneye was a huge lemming of mine and it is gorgeous. A very yellowy-bronze gold that is full of glass fleck gold pieces. It is sheer though and if you want full opacity   be prepared for at least 3, if not 4 coats.


Left – Christmas Gone Plaid, Right – Fresh Frog of Bel-Air

Christmas Gone Plaid is a dark bottle green creme. It is from the new 2014 Gwen Stefani Holiday collection and is something that OPI doesn’t do often. In low lighting this one can look black but the formula is amazing. It’s almost a one-coater but needs that second just to even it out.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air looks great layered over Christmas Gone Plaid. From the same Muppets collection as Gettin’ Miss Piggy with It, it has exactly the same composition of micro-glitter and larger silver hex glitters, this one is just green instead of red. Again this one would be hard to get opaque on its own and is best layered over other polishes.

Below are some swatches of the polishes. Apologies for my dry hands/cuticles and rubbish paint job. I usually swatch on my left hand, as I’m really bad at painting my right, but I’ve broken 2 nails and they look awful. IMG_5577-0.JPG



My collection of OPI is definitely the most extensive, but I have some other very pretty polishes that would perfect for Christmas from other brands. Next week I hope to do a post with my top 2 or 3 Christmas polishes from each of the main brands in my collection.

Hope you found this post useful. I’m still deciding which polish or combo I will wear on the big day so if you have any suggestions or recommendations I would love to hear them.

Hope you are all having a fun-filled build up to Christmas!


One Hell of a Difficult Year

Published December 20, 2014 by withnailsandi

I began this blog just under a year ago as a hobby and a way to share my thoughts and opinions on nail polish and random other things too. My collection and interests have grown over that time but I haven’t spent enough time here at all. This is due to a number of reasons that are work and toddler related, but mainly the (fairly) sudden death of my mum this year. It has really taken all motivation for anything out of me. So, with a new year and a new start looming I want to try again. This time it WILL be more consistent.

I have a few ideas for posts including one I hope to do in the next day or so on favourite Christmas polishes which I hope you’ll enjoy.