The Colour Purple

Published January 1, 2014 by withnailsandi

Barry M – Vivid Purple

Purple has always been my favourite colour. In my time I’ve had a purple car, purple bedroom, many purple bags and a purple wedding! Over the years I’ve picked up a few purple nail varnishes too as it was always the purple ones I was drawn to on the shelves. None up till now have really had that ‘wow’ factor for me. I love nothing more than a vivid Cadburys purple and that is exactly what this Barry M shade is. It’s called Vivid Purple and it’s gorgeous.

It is quite thick to apply and as such it’s tricky to apply thin coats, but that does mean you could get away with just one coat (I like completely opaque polish so I did two). The first time I used this polish I had to start over as I didn’t give it enough time to set and I smudged it, but the second time it was fine.

The finish on this polish is very similar to the Navy, a wonderful shine with a subtle metallic shimmer. I added a topcoat of Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine. I only wore this for 3 days but in that time it didn’t chip at all and I only saw minor tip wear that wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me.

Overall I would recommend this polish if you like a hit of metallic. It is great for Winter. I added some Barry M Diamond Glitter over the top for NYE.

Happy New Year everyone!





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