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Barry M Haul

Published January 13, 2014 by withnailsandi

Hi Nailfans,

I went shopping yesterday and couldn’t resist adding a few little gems to my Barry M nail varnish collection. I bought some from Boots and some from Superdrug, but I can’t remember which. At the moment, Boots has the special offer buy one get one half price on all Barry M nail items, whereas Superdrug is selling all of the £3.99 polishes for 2 for £6.

The ones that I got from left to right are: Raspberry, Copper, Pink Flamingo, Mint Green and Grey.

For the record, the reason I started this blog and took the photos in my car is because my daughter fell asleep on the way back from town, so I thought I would pass the time. I think my neighbours thought I was a little strange but I’m sure I’m not the only parent to do this, right?

Finally, are there any Barry M reviews you would like to see? Please comment below with any requests!


All That Glitters

Published January 11, 2014 by withnailsandi

Hi Nailfans,

Fairy Lights and Gold Dust

I got these two little sparklers from Superdrug just before Christmas and thought I would review them before they were taken off the shelves. Now for those of you who aren’t so familiar with Barry M, they often do some great special offers and these Limited Editions were one (well two) of them. They were each free if you spent £6 or over on Barry M products, and as I have been creating my nail polish collection recently I easily spent enough to get both.

So on to the polishes…

FYI both of the swatches are 2 coats.

Firstly we have my favourite of the two – FAIRY LIGHTS

Top - Gold Dust Bottom - Fairy Lights (2 Coats)

Top – Gold Dust
Bottom – Fairy Lights
(2 Coats)

This is a beautiful sparkly polish that is a clear base with mainly a fine soft pink glitter along with silver and holographic in there too. The formula is easy to apply and gives a good coverage in two coats. I personally would layer this over a base colour as I like a completely opaque nail, but you could easily wear this on its own. Another thing that I love about this polish is that it can be worn in any season. As it is such a soft colour I think it would look fantastic over pastel cream shades in the summer or over darker colours in the winter.

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

Secondly we have GOLD DUST

Left - Gold Dust,  Right -Fairy Lights

Left – Gold Dust,
Right -Fairy Lights

Now this one I wasn’t too sure about and if it hadn’t been free I wouldn’t have paid for it. It is a strand glitter that is a mix of yellow gold and rose gold in a clear base. The mix of colours is nice as it gives it more depth, but as with many larger glitters it is a bit of a pain to apply and I found that it was very difficult to get consistent coverage. A dabbing technique seemed to work best and with two coats did eventually cover well although I am not a fan of the ‘hairy’ look. I will probably save this one for use around Christmas, maybe layered over a similar shade of gold to give it a little extra sparkle without the glitter being too visible.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust

On a final (and obvious) note, you will need a topcoat with both of these, as you would with all glitters. Speaking of topcoats, I am on the hunt for a new one as my Rimmel Finishing Touch has gone all gloopy, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Bye for now.

L x

COMING UP on With Nails and I…

More Barry M reviews PLUS I have just started my love affair with OPI so I will be reviewing some of those soon. Stay tuned!

The Colour Purple

Published January 1, 2014 by withnailsandi

Barry M – Vivid Purple

Purple has always been my favourite colour. In my time I’ve had a purple car, purple bedroom, many purple bags and a purple wedding! Over the years I’ve picked up a few purple nail varnishes too as it was always the purple ones I was drawn to on the shelves. None up till now have really had that ‘wow’ factor for me. I love nothing more than a vivid Cadburys purple and that is exactly what this Barry M shade is. It’s called Vivid Purple and it’s gorgeous.

It is quite thick to apply and as such it’s tricky to apply thin coats, but that does mean you could get away with just one coat (I like completely opaque polish so I did two). The first time I used this polish I had to start over as I didn’t give it enough time to set and I smudged it, but the second time it was fine.

The finish on this polish is very similar to the Navy, a wonderful shine with a subtle metallic shimmer. I added a topcoat of Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine. I only wore this for 3 days but in that time it didn’t chip at all and I only saw minor tip wear that wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me.

Overall I would recommend this polish if you like a hit of metallic. It is great for Winter. I added some Barry M Diamond Glitter over the top for NYE.

Happy New Year everyone!